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TransAction Fleet Card


The Fleet Card to Fuel Your Business

Do you own a company with a small fleet that uses one or more vehicles for its business activities? The TransAction Fleet Card will help you simplify your fuel purchases while offering you both security and flexibility. Exclusive to our network, it also gives you numerous advantages:

Control your Spending, Reduce Fraud and Save Time

  • Control the volume of fuels allowed.

  • Limit authorized purchases and types of purchases.

  • Order, activate or deactivate your cards and manage their PINs.

  • Get management reports by card, vehicle and site (compatible with most management systems).

  • Stay informed about distances travelled, thanks to an available kilometer log.

Enjoy Savings on your Fuel Purchases

Easier than a point system, our rebates are calculated and granted according to the monthly volume of fuel purchased at our service stations and charged to your TransAction Fleet Card account.

Get access to Chevron’s entire retail network in Western Canada

With over 175 service stations, you’ll always be sure to find one on the road.


Pay no annual fees on your TransAction Fleet Cards

Nor pay administrative fees on transactions, online management reports or additional cards.

To sign up for the TransAction Fleet Card:


Fill out and return this application form by email to

For any questions, simply contact Customer Service at 1-888-871-4404 or

TransAction Fleet Card FAQs

Card Acceptance

Download this Application Form (French Version) and return it by email to

You can also complete a hard copy application form available at Chevron-branded retail gas stations.

Yes, the card can be used to purchase fuel both outside at the pump and in-store.

You can use your TransAction card at all Chevron-branded and Ultramar retail service stations in Canada.

At this time, the card can only be used for fuel purchases. We’re working to enable automotive product purchases and will share with customers as soon as this feature is available.

Unfortunately, the TransAction card cannot be used in the US at this time.

We are happy to launch our own fleet card with pay at the pump functionality. Our TransAction Fleet Card will grant you access to dynamic card controls, enhanced reporting and evolving services and network access.

No. However, if you are interested in a Commercial cardlock card, please visit for
more information.

Card Features

The new card includes various features to help you manage your business’ fuel spending:

  • More control over vehicle expenses by managing your account online

  • Keep fuel purchases separate from other business expenses

  • Detailed vehicle management report to help track the amount of GST paid for each transaction

  • No annual fee

  • Access to quality gasolines at clean and convenient stations

  • Our cards are designed solely for the purchases of petroleum products

  • It is possible to personalize each of your cards based on needs specific to your company and to each of your drivers

  • All cards are protected with a Secure ID and the possibility to have the fields for the odometer and Job Number

  • Daily limit can be set

  • Possibility to restrict access to a site

  • Monitor your drivers and modify card options in real-time and adapt them to the driver’s circumstances

  • Real-time control of your transactions, even while drivers are at the pump

There are 8 profiles that cards can be set up with, based on the needs of the customer:

  • Secure Id and Odometer ('Prompt 2')

  • Vehicle Number, Secure ID and Odometer ('Prompt 6')

  • Vehicle Number, Secure ID and Odometer and Job Number ('Prompt 7')

  • Secure ID, Odometer and Job Number ('Prompt 8')

  • Secure ID only ('Prompt 12')

  • Vehicle Number and Secure ID ('Prompt 15')

  • Vehicle Number, Secure ID and Job Number ('Prompt 16')

  • Secure ID and Job Number ('Prompt 17')

You can choose and manage your card profiles on our online portal.

Various restriction options are available:

  • You can restrict the daily liters authorised

  • You can restrict the network and province where your cards will be accepted

  • You can manage the status of your cards 24h/7days on the web platform

At the moment, fuel grades cannot be restricted because of industry standards related to pre-pay authorization.

Billing and Payment Terms

We currently offer weekly billing and net 15 days payment terms.

1.75% by month or 21% per year

No. Your bill can be paid via the Online Portal.

Loyalty Program

We are developing an exciting proprietary loyalty program for our sites that will be launched soon, and more details on fleet card eligibility will be communicated then.

Customer Service

Yes, TransAction cards can be managed online for customer convenience through the Online Portal. Services offered online include:

  • Live account balance

  • View drivers’ transactions live, even when they’re at the pump

  • Various reports including volume, transactions, cost etc.

  • Order new cards

  • Customize cards

  • Set volume limits per card

  • Cancel cards

  • Pull invoices

  • Pay bills

  • Get news about our network

Our dedicated TransAction Customer Service team can be contacted by phone at 1-888-871-4404 or by email at

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Contact Us Today

Retail Customer Care
(Pricing, Car Wash, Concerns, Complaints)

TransAction Customer Care
Call: 1-888-871-4404

Find A Location

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